United Healthcare Summit

JULY 15 & 16

To Be Announced

Grand Rapids, MI

Maija Cutler Hahn, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist and Autism Specialist (Autism)

Maija Hahn is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Autism Specialist who has helped develop individualized autism programs in California, Oregon, Washington State, and Michigan.
She is an advocate and activist for health reform, Christian values, and constitutional freedoms.

She is the founder of United Healthcare Workers, an organization dedicated to uniting healthcare workers in Michigan who stand together for ethics and integrity in medicine and science against unconstitutional and unscientific public health mandates. Maija is the host of Health Freedom UnMuzzled, a show that exposes government corruption and truth in science and medicine that can be found on Rumble and Telegram. She is also the past Westside Regional Director for Michigan for Vaccine Choice. Maija’s own personal testimony bears witness to the dangers of our ever-growing pediatric vaccine schedule and mandates.

She recently testified in front of the Michigan Oversight Committee on House Bill 4667; banning government vaccine passports, speaking for thousands who have been vaccine injured. And she continues to work the frontlines trying to secure vaccine choice and medical freedom in Michigan and beyond.