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Friday 9:00 AM .5 CME
The Regulatory Environment of Healthcare.
Presenter: Tammy Clark, MS-OSHA, Industrial Hygienist
Summary: Understanding the regulatory agencies that govern the healthcare industry and a review of administrative and statutory law. This lecture also focuses on the concerning government overreach with regards to Covid-19 policies that for the first time, restricted Doctors’ ability to properly practice medicine for their patients by forcing them to adhere to illegally-promulgated government regulations.

Friday 9:30 AM 1.00 CME
COVID Protocols and Faith in Medicine
Presenter: Avery Jackson, MD, Neurologist
Summary: The emotional and spiritual cost of COVID have been enormous. What are the consequences the Covid protocols have had on the developing mind? What emotional effects have come out of mask wearing? Are there emotional and spiritual solutions? Learn from a neurologist how COVID mitigation strategies have adversely affected people, especially our children, and solutions that move us toward spiritual and emotional healing.

-----15 min break-----                

Friday 10:45 AM 1.00 CME
COVID and the Manipulation of Your Mind
Presenter: Dr. Tim Jennings, MD, DFAPA, Psychiatrist
Summary: This presentation will contrast healthy versus unhealthy decision-making and expose how, during the COVID crisis, fear and misinformation were used to convince millions, including medical professionals, to accept obvious falsehoods and advance harmful practices. This presentation will identify a 9-step process used during COVID to manipulate minds, undermine healthy decision-making, and promote group conformity.

-----30 min Lunch-----                

Friday 12:15 PM 1.00 CME
Food, Fitness, Finesse & Fun
Presenter: Jeff Carter, PT, Functional Physical Therapist and Health Coach
Summary: America is in a healthcare crisis. Americans are sicker and fatter than ever. It is projected for the first time in history that the youth of today will live shorter and be poorer than their parents. Americans consume an enormous amount of highly processed food and sugar and it is killing us through death by 1000 cuts! The “Disease Management System” and our education system have failed. We live in a world of mega information overload regarding diet, exercise, and fitness. There are so many new diets and fitness programs hitting the web on a regular basis. Though there has been a great rise in fitness studios and the use of personal trainers, the crisis is still growing. Healthcare providers need to step up and be informed, practice healthy lifestyles themselves and teach others how to do it themselves!

This one-hour talk will very briefly expose the crisis, discuss the root problems, and review what are the components of a healthy life and fitness. Finally, how Food, Fitness, and Finesse lead to fun, healthy life, and active aging.

Friday 1:15 PM 1.0 CME
The history of Chimeric Research Programs and the Rise of Retroviruses into Human Beings
Presenter: Dr. Judy Mikovits; molecular biologist, medical researcher, whistleblower, and author.
Summary: Chimeric research programs and the rise of retroviruses into human beings have a dark and shady past. Science, money, and power have been intertwined by the creation of new and novel gain-of-function lab-designed viruses that have been linked to pandemics the world over. Learn first hand from the experiences of Dr. Judy Mikovitis what has been happening behind closed doors and what happens to ethical scientists who speak up and expose the corruption. *Via zoom

-----15 minute BREAK-----             

Friday 2:30 PM 1.00 CME
The Autism Epidemic
Presenter: Maija Hahn, CCC-SLP; Speech-Language Pathologist & Autism Specialist
Summary: Is autism genetic? Should we, as a society, be embracing the uniqueness of the autistic individual and discouraging the need for remediation? Autism has reached epidemic levels in the last 2 decades. Learn how to identify early markers, what risk factors are contributing to ASD, what the social costs of this epidemic are, and what approaches are the most appropriate for this special population.

Friday 3:30 PM 1.5 CME
Vaccine Injury; Cytokines and the Immune Response

Presenter: Christina Parks, PhD; Cellular and Molecular Biologist
Summary: Understanding Vaccines on the Childhood Schedule and Mechanisms of Injury: Types of vaccines on the childhood schedule include live-viral vaccines, subunit vaccine, conjugate vaccines and recombinant vaccines. Dr. Parks will discuss key ingredients, mechanism of action, pros and cons and potential mechanisms of injury for each type of vaccine on the schedule.

Saturday 9:00 AM 1.00 CME
We Are Soused in Toxins, and It’s Going to Get Worse
Presenter: James Lyons-Weiler, Ph.D.; Scientist, Medical Journal Editor, Founder of IPAK Edu.
Summary: In this lecture, attendees will learn how scientists study the toxicity of chemicals often found in food, water, air, and medicine via animal and environmental surveys, the measurements used, and gain an understanding of the status of our understanding of the role of interactions among toxins in our ambient and immediate environments.

Saturday 10:00 AM .5 CME
Human and Environmental Contamination through Aerial and Industrial processes
Presenter: Kristen Meghan Kelley, MS-OSHA; Environmental Toxicologist & Industrial Hygienist
Summary: Historical discussion on environmental contaminants and their exposure limits and controls. From hazard identification, EPA data manipulation, the history of Weather modification, and learning the differences between a toxin vs toxicant and their health and environmental effects. Discover how Exposure Scientists anticipate, evaluate, recognize and control exposures, and ways the community and individual can participate in solutions.

-----15 minute break-----                 

Saturday 10:45 AM 1.00 CME
Glyphosate and GMOs

Presenter: Zen Honeycutt; Author, Activist, Founder of Moms Across America
Summary: What does the science say regarding the biological effects of herbicides and pesticides in our food, soil, and water? How prevalent are these chemicals in our environments and our bodies? Learn ways to identify risk and minimize exposures.

This in-depth talk about glyphosate will cover what glyphosate is, how it is used in our society, what it is contaminating, and its emerging shocking harmful health and reproductive effects. Zen Honeycutt, Founding Executive Director of Moms Across America, author of UNSTOPPABLE, Transforming Sickness and Struggle into Triumph, Empowerment, and Celebration of Community, will also cover what we can do about the ubiquitous presence of glyphosate and many toxins allowed in our food supply. There are, however, steps we can take to drastically reduce our exposure. Join us to find out about how you can opt out of corporate corruption and create health and food freedom in your community.

------30 minute LUNCH-----             

Saturday 12:15 PM .5 CME
Fluoride and Mercury: are they safe?
Presenter: Dr. Kevin Hahn, DDS; Dentist
Summary: Fluoride and Mercury have been used in dentistry for decades and have been considered safe and effective materials in the prevention and treatment of dental disease. But are they? Are they safe in our water supply? In our drugs? In our mouths? What does science tell us?

Saturday 12:45 PM 2.0 CME
COVID Vaccine Safety & Efficacy; Urgent Need to Pivot to Early Ambulatory Therapy
Presenter: Peter McCullough, MD; internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist
Summary: Get a more in-depth understanding of the mechanisms of action of the COVID Vaccines. Are they as safe and effective as are being touted by the WHO and CDC? Why are so many doctors and scientists around the world sounding the alarm about these new vaccines and why are they being censored? It’s time to take a closer look.

-----15 minute break-----                 

Saturday 3:00 PM 1.00 CME
The Perils of Wireless Communication Radiation: Our Health, the Environment, and Personal Solutions
Presenter: Beverly Rubik, Ph.D.; Biophysicist, Author, Professor
Summary: The rise of wireless devices has increased the demand for greater bandwidth of wireless microwave radiation, which is forthcoming. 5G (fifth generation of wireless communication radiation) involves higher frequency bands than 4G (fourth generation) currently in use, and plans are to install 5G worldwide. Millions of new 4G and 5G antennas will be installed within our residential neighborhoods and close to schools and businesses. Between 40,000 to 100,000 low-orbit satellites will broadcast 5G signals from space. This will provide a wireless world wide web and an “internet of things” that will forever change the earth’s electromagnetic environment and increase human exposure worldwide. Wireless devices, including cell phones, tablets, routers, among many others, as well as microwave antennas and base stations, pose hazards to our health. Moreover, there are no clear-cut safety standards, nor any safety testing of 5G devices. Electrosensitivity to wireless radiation is on the rise with distinct symptoms, and soon vulnerable populations will be exposed to even more radiation. In 2011, the World Health Organization declared that wireless radiation is a causal factor in cancer.

In this presentation, you will learn what 5G entails; how it can impact our health and the environment; and some practical ways in which we can protect ourselves. Dr. Rubik will especially focus on the scientific evidence for adverse biologic effects and explain how this radiation impacts human biology at all levels.

Saturday 4:00 PM 1.00 CME
Under the Surface: The Foundations of the Integrative Approach to Chronic Symptoms
Presenter: Dr. James Neuenschwander, MD
Summary: Dr. Neu will take us on a whirlwind tour of integrative medicine. What underlies the integrative approach? What are the advantages of the integrative approach over the standard medical model? What does biochemistry have to do with it? He will demonstrate how this approach can be used to treat conditions that are thought to be untreatable and how this approach has been invaluable in treating COVID vaccine injuries.

Modern medicine has made great strides in the treatment of many acute conditions—heart attacks, bacterial pneumonias, and trauma are three great examples. Despite this, medicine has failed in providing curative treatments for most chronic diseases. In this presentation, Dr. Neu will cover the foundations of the integrative/functional medicine approach to chronic conditions. He will discuss the biochemistry that underlies many of these syndromes and show how this can be measured and treated. He will use vaccine injury as an example of a condition for which there is no medical treatment and show how, using the functional approach, you can identify and treat many of the biochemical issues which underlie vaccine injury. The lessons learned can be applied to all chronic illnesses, including autism.

 Total CME  14hrs   

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